Client: Novartis

Target group: 100 Novartis employees

Goal: getting greater insight in the competing market and set up an action plan

Description: during a two-day event with 100 employees, Novartis played the game ‘High-Flyer’ on the first day. Strategy, competition and interaction come together in this supply chain game where participants invest in kite parts and eventually build a kite. At the end of the game, the kites were released with great success!

On the second day the group continued with a ‘War Game’. Participants gained more information about their competitor(s). The goal:  set up a plan to compete against the competitor. Different rooms were transformed in offices of the competitor, which the participants could investigate. What are our strengths relative to our competitor? But most of all, what are the opportunities? The plan of actions were presented at the end of the day, which provided many innovative ideas.

Category: Employer Branding Games

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