Racing To The Top

The race to the top

Turn your team in a well-oiled machine! In this ‘Racing to the Top’ game you will be divided into racing teams, media teams and countries. Each team with their own goals. Teams will be challenged to set the right course, to shift gears when necessary and above all, go full speed ahead! Only when the teams have a solid cooperation and share knowledge, will they be able to cross that finish line first.

In this game racing stands for cooperation, assertiveness and communication skills. The racing teams will put together a crew of first class drivers while the media and countries try to earn as much money as possible. After all, without drivers there is no race. And without media, no audience.

Can the participants make split second decisions and make sure everyone is on board? Or will they have communication problems and crash and burn? This game guarantees an interactive experience with a lot of learning opportunities and a lot of fun.

Play ‘Racing to the Top’ and experience it yourself!

The Racing To The Top game is possible as an overall program, but is also excellent as part of your conference, meeting and kick-off event program.
Racing to the top can be organised at any location. We are more than willing to help you find an inspiring location. It is also possible to organise this business game in the business’ own conference room or office.
From 8 to 2500 contestants

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